Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Not retro, but about women`s beauty: Valeria Lukyanova

Hello everyone! 
Today I really want to discuss with you one matter. I think that all of you once thought about the ideal of a women`s beauty. Today`s trends are quite severe -to be thin, high, with a big breast, long hair and so on. As for me, I prefer another ideals like the ideal girl of 50`s- strong, not very fat but not very thin, curly hair etc-and that was the reason why I decided to create this blog. But recently I came across one very...controvertial beauties, and I mean Valeria Lukyanova. I hope you know her. The matter is that I can`t really decide for myself whether she is beautiful or not, because yes, she has slender body, long hair, beautiful complexion, but...something tells me that it is not natural, and to be more precise, it is not a natural proportions! So I wanted to share some photos ofher with you and I really want to know what do you think about Valeria and her beauty.

She does her make-up by herself, and we should admit that she is very creative.

I think that she is too thin here. But It has something beautiful, nevertheless. 

As she said, she has never done anything to her, except for the breast. 

I really think that without that heavy make-up she looks much fresher. 

This was the first photo where I saw her smiling. As she said herself "I try to be as calm as possible and do not express any feelings in vain" 

So, do you consider her beautiful?

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