Friday, July 5, 2013

I think that I`m fat: remember a real pin-up girl!

Hello everyone! Today I want to talk with you about the worst fear of almost every girl: about the thought that you are fat. That is a disaster of our generation and I think that there are several causes of it, so, let`s tlk about it.

1) Glamorous magazines dictate beauty standards
Yes, that is true. We reag a lot of magazines and see here a lot of beautiful young women that are almost the same in their appearrance and it means that the type of very thin ang high woman is the standard now. But it`s bad, because any girl is unique, and not all of us are high enough, or our bone structure is different.

2) Being extremely thin is against our nature
I shoul told you one secret: any woman, by her nature, was created for giving birth to children. That is why our body is programmed to keep fat for keeping enegry. That is why to be extremely thin is against our nature. Very thin girls even can`t get pregnant because of the lack of fat.

3) Marilyn Monroe wasn`t thin at all!

the sex-symbol uf the 20 century wasn`t thin at all! But she was incredibly beautiful and she looked like a woman! Because sometimes when I look on modern models, I think that they are not real women, they are just skin and bones. And that is ugly.

4) We don`t want to love our appearance because we are scared that nobody will love us the way we are created

That is true. Just think, why do we wand to be thin, to be like a real model? Because we think that being a model will help us to be loved. That is why we are trying to be as beautiful for other people as possible. But didn`t you think that before everyone will recognize your beauty, you shoul recognize it inside you by yourself? If you would accept your appearance, everyone around you would see it too!

5) We are hooked on our drawbacks
Yes, we always think bad about ourself and notice only drawbacks. But it`s wrong! Every girl has something beautiful in her appearance! Let me tell you one personal example. Frankly speaking, I don`t like my appearance as well as many other girls. But the most annoying thing that`s making me crazy is my nose. I have really big crooked nose because I have broken it twice during my childhood. I really shy because of that, and I really hate it. But I always try to calm myself down, saying that despite my nose is crooked, I have quite pretty eyes. And it helps me to think that I`m not extremely ugly.  That is why just try to find something attractive in your appearance! 

6) A lot of girls who think that they are far are not fat at all!
That is true. Some girls continue to torture themselves with diets and exercises thinking that they are fat, but they don`t! And that happens because of the lack of self-assuarance. Just try to be in a normal condition, not too thin and not too fat (just because it creates a lot of health issues)

7) And just remember- a real pin-up gir wasn`t thin at all! She  was a real women! ;)

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