Thursday, June 6, 2013

1920s men`s fashion. Oh my god, it`s Gatsby style!

Hello, dear friends! Today I want to talk about the men`s fashion! Lets talk about 1920`s :) Frankly speaking, I really adore the men`s fashion of that period, because it`s so elegant and beautiful!
Let me show you how it looked like! Lets begin.

The first thing that we should know is that it was a really difficult time for the whole world. Cultural changes after World War I were inevitable, and men's fashion in the 1920s went through as strong a transformation as women's. But we know less about it :) The Jazz Age gave everyone a lot of inspiration, and it was reflected in clothing.

The war changed attitudes and did much to level the classes of people. Young men began to wear baggy clothing plus fours in size and wide-legged trousers. Now suits were much less sophisticated with just slim, unpadded jackets over the trousers, and fabrics and colors were lighter and brighter, reflecting the brightness of the music, theatre and good times.

For the work or business men of all ages wore suits. However they were now cut (earlier they used to be very long and  broad) to give men a more slim look. Tight jackets with sloping shoulderswere fashionable and very popular. Ties became more casual and at the same time bow ties were fashionable too. It depended more on the financial position of the person.

And of cource the fashion of that period was influenced by sport. For example the style worn by golf stars Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, became popular too. As tennis grew in popularity, the white trousers and V-neck sweaters became popular among young people. 
But the biggest influence was produced by popular football players like Red Grange. Why? Because he brought the raccoon coat and the camel hair polo coat into the 20`s fashion mainstream.

But the main change was in the formal clothing. The main aim was to make stronger silhouette and more striking look overall. Cuffs were added to trousers to draw more attention to the shoes. Instead of suspenders, waist-slimming belts were popular to hold slick new trousers.

The baggy trousers were called "Oxford bags," because they had originated at Oxford University.
That is the way how they looked:

Despite the fact that baggy trousers were popular, men's fashion in the 1920s changed as regularly as women's did. Thanks to jazz, long, tight-waisted jackets and skinny trousers became popular. 
And this is the style which I`m a big fan of:

No man of any class didn`t go out  without a hat. All of us know that popular straw hat or the shallow, flattop, stiff-brimmed hats called either boaters or skimmers, depending on the brim's width. Autumn and winter were all about the felt fedora, worn with panache by gangsters but beloved of all men for their style and comfort. 

Another big change was in shoes. Single color boots and spats were changed for shoes in shades of brown and white or black and white. Even those who didn't like jazz wanted to look a part of the Jazz Age.

And that`s it! Hope you liked it! Have any comments, additions? Do not hesitate to ask and write! 
Have a nice day!


  1. Hey nice blog, I had a question. The first picture in the Blog... Is it from a clothing company in these days or where did you get it? :p

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