Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hands are shaking while applying an eyeliner? A pin-up girl knows the way out!

Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to share with you a small tip on how you can male a straight line allpying an eyeliner. 
Every girl snows that making a straight and even line is hard enough, even if you are quite experienced. 
But here is the tip that can help you.

All you need is a small...spoon. Yes, you hear me right, all you need is just a simple teaspoon. 
And here are all the tricks:
1) Use it to make a guide line! Apply the end of your spoon to the outer coner of your eye and draw the line! Easy and clean:

2) Use it to fill up the line! It can help you to draw a line without any troubles. Use another side of your spoon:

3) Curl your lashes using the spoon! It is a very easy and cheap way to curl your lashes. Just rotate it:

And here we go! Your lines are perfect and the eyelashes are curly! What else we need :)
Hope you liked this tip! 
Have a nice day!


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