Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wrong shape of the nose? Pin-up girls know the secret how to change it!

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you some secrets about the nose make-up! Why is it important? Just remember a classic pin up girl! She has a really small nose, and it looks beautiful!
And today I show you some tips on how to make your nose look smaller. Let`s begin!

1) Flat nose

It is widely spread among asian people. It is not a drawback, it is just a feature that defines this population. But there is a problem with such type of the nose: It is not well-defined. That is why we should give it a proper definition. There are several ways how to do that, but the main principle is to take the brush, take some dark-brown eyeshadows, and to apply 2 straight lines down your nose. I mean here:

They should go just from the eyebrow. You can apply it really harsh at the beginning, but then you should smoothe the line. You can also highlight the center line of your nose. It should give you an additional definition. And here you can find a video on this technique:

2)Triangular nose

As you can see, the tip of the nose and the nostrils form a triangle. That is why we should apply some dark shadows on the tip of the nose and blend it out. Then you should take some lighter shadow and you should apply it on the inside corner (where the bridge of the nose) of the eye and blend it out. So, you create more space on the top of the nose and reduce the lover part of the nose.

3) Crooked nose

As you can see, the nose is not straight. And here is one golden rule: On the side that is not straight you should apply some dark eyeshadows (try to draw a straight line, you don-t want to highlight that one side of the nose is curved) and some light on the other. Here is what I meam:

4) Bulbous nose

Here we can see that the tip of the nose is very massive. And we should just take our dark eyeshadows and apply it on the tip of the nose. And sometimes you need to apply dark eyeshadows just above the eyebrow. It will give a bigger dimention. And then apply a highlighter on the center line of the nose.

5) Strong bridge nose
It is better seen in the profile:

Here the only advice just to highlight the area between your eyebrows to open up space a bit. It will help you a lot.

And that is all for today! Thank you very much! If you know more tips, please, write in the comments below!
Good luck!

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