Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to draw a little bit cartoon version of a pin-up girl!

Hello, everyone! Today I want to show you how to draw a pin-up girl! It is a simple and a little bit cartoon version, but, nevertheless, I hope you`ll like it! Let`s begin)

1) Think over the situation, in which your girl will find herself. Making this, you`ll be able to imagine the image of the girl, her pose and proportion. My girl will go out of the bathroom. 

2) Let`s make a sketch. There are no strict rules: you can draw her using circles, shapes etc, but I prefer using lines:
3) Now let`s begin to draw the details. Usually, I begin with a face, but its up to you)
4) Now lets think over the hairstyle. I decided to draw big curls:
5) Now lets  outline the sketch:
6) And now the most critical part: making shadows. Think where your llight is situated: the easiest way here is to imagine a dot of light that is placed in front of the girl:
7) We continue to apply shadows:
8) Lets think over the creases on your cloth. The best advice here is just to take some cloth and look at the creases. And we are done!

In colour (another version)

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