Saturday, May 18, 2013

Oh my God, it`s Pin-up!

Hello everyone! 
Today I`m going to tell you about the Pin-up style, its features and atributes!

Do you know what Pin-up is? And why is it so popular?

We will find it out :)

Of course I can copy-paste the article from Wiki about Pin-up, but I won`t. Instead, I`ll explain you the essence of this style, why it was created and why it is so beautiful.
Let`s begin!

Pin-up is a style that was popular in the US in the beginning of the 20 century. It was created as a reaction to the social events, that were happening (economic crisis, for example), that is why a lot of people searched for the way to distract their mind from their cares. 
Pin-up was proved to be a great cure from all the problems. How can you possibly be sad, when a beautiful young woman is looking on you from a poster, smiling and shining in all her beauty?
So, Pin-up is about beautiful women, they were cute, nice and elegant. 
What else I can say? I can only show:

Do you see?

And in the next episode I will describe you an ideal Pin-up model. 
Thank you for your attention!

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