Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pin-up make-up: what information should I know?

Hello, dear friends! Today I want to speak to you about the peculiar feature of a Pin-up girl. I will describe its common attributes, features and I will also name you some not very expensive products to achieve the look of a Pin-up girl. So, Let`s begin!

First of all, Let`s enumerate the common features of this make-up: black eyeliner, red lipstick, thick eyebrows, bright, pink blush. Sounds vague, yeah? So, Let`s look on everything in details, beginning with the eyebrows:

1) The style of the eyebrows could be different, but the common standard version was a little lit arched, thick eyebrow, like here: 

NB! But the eyebrows could be different: Marlene Dietrich felt herself quite OK having thin and high eyebrows:

Here she is:

Also the eyebrows could be middle-thick and very arched, like here:
Marilyn Monroe had such type:

2) Now let`s speak about the eyes, and the eyeliner in particular. This is an extremely important detail for creating a Pin-up look. The type of your line on the outer corner of your eye can be different, and it depends  on different factors: the shape of your eyes and face, eyes distance, etc. The colour of the eyeliner is also important! The classic one is black, but to a great surprise I can tell you that Marilyn Monroe used a  dark-brown eyeliner. So, taking all the fact into consideration, lets look at the style of the eyeliner.:

The main rule here is to extend the natural line direction of a lower eyelid. It means:

So, you will get a perfect look! But do not forget to apply some eyeshadows (to make your eyes more deep set) and a mascara (your eyelashes will help to make your eyes look bigger (but I promise I`ll do a separate page about it).

2)And now let’s talk about the lips. Here is the only rule: all shades of red are good! But you can use pink or lilac as well. But for a classic look its better to use red lipstick like here:

Just try to find your shade of red. It can be colder, lighter, and darker and so on. It depends on your skin and hair colour. A little hint can be found there: http://www.totalbeauty.com/content/gallery/red-lipstick-skin-tone#2
Just remember that the contour of your lips should be done perfectly well, but this rule can be used only by the owners of thick lips. For those, who have thin lips, there is a special technique on how to apply the lipstick, you can find it in my blog here:
But don’t forget: the brighter the better!

3) And, in the conclusion, let`s talk about the blush. Remember that a Pin-up girl is a healthy person, that is why do not forget about the blush and use them to create a healthy look. But do not overuse them, because otherwise your look will be vulgar. The blush colour depends on your skin and hair colour, but the classic variant is bright-pink:

Use the blush on the proper area, here is a little hint:

And now I want to enumerate you some not very expensive products, that will help you to create a Pin-up look.
Eyebrow pen: Maybelline Expression Eyebrow.

 Really good pen, and very cheep, ≈5$

Eyeliner: Maybelline Line Definer:

The best eyeliner I have ever had. Really easy to use and it lasts for a long perion of time, ≈15$

Lipstick: Revlon Matte Lipstick (the shade Really red)

Really good and matt lipstick, lasts quite for a long time, ≈7$.

Blush: Revlon Matte Powder Blush
Gives a good colour, ≈13$

That`s it! If you have any questions or additions, please, write down in the comments below!
Good luck!

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