Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Retro-style: Part 1 - Dresses

Hello, my dear readers! Today I want to tell you about the dresses of that epoch (20's-30's), about the style, cut, etc. Let`s begin!
Firstly, let's discuss the atmosphere of that period: it was a breaking point in the history of fashion. The first world war passed, and it produced a great influence on the people's mind. Corsets, puffy skirts were useless then. Women wanted to work, and they needed a proper clothing for the work. So, there was a new trend in fashion, that was called " the Chicago Style". The main features ot this style were: short and wavy hair, dresses with  a low waistline, unsymmetrical hem, big cutout on the back, straight cut.
We can see it: no corsets, straight lines (it looks like unisex). It was fashionable to be thin, to have flat chest and no big hips. It looked more like a  men's clothes and a men's style. And we can see that the dresses were quite short. 
And, of course, the source of all the fashion ideas was Coco Chanel. She created her famous "Little black dress", it has quite a simple cut, but was made of luxurious materials. 
This period was very complicated, especially for America. There was a crisis, unemployment was much higher that usual. But (!) women decided to change their minds and to return to the elegant style. The main criteria for the dresses were femininity and elegance. Dresses underlined the shape of the body,slim and slender body was fashionable. But the style Chicago wasn`t forgotten, and a lot of women continued wearing hats and accessories of that period; their hairstyle changed a little bit, the curls were bigger and hair were longer. To be more precise, let`s remember Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and others. They were women, and they tried to show it:
It was a short history of that period. Hope you liked it! Do not hesitate and ask questions if you like! 

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