Friday, June 7, 2013

Look of the week: Hello, summer!

Hello, my dear readers! 
Today I want to present you the look of the week! It is for the summer, its shiny abd bright, and its extremely cute! Hope you`ll like it!

As I said, I`m inspired by the summer, that is why I decided to make something bright and shiny. This dress will be perfect for going out, talking ti friends and even dating!

Here is the link:
I think this dress is extremely cute. It will suit perfect even to those girls, who haven`t got a well-defined waist. The only thing that I want to warn you about, it`s the sleeves of the dress. They are quite short, and If your hands are not in a very good shape (like mine :)), be attentive wearing such things.

Very good summer shoes, without the high heel, because at summer we walk a lot :)

I really love these shoes! They are so nice and comfortable! And they are made of the cloth, and it would not  shafe your feet. 
Here is the link:

Maybe I was inspired by the previous post where I have mentioned "boaters" that was made of straw, but I decided to put here a straw bag :) Here it is! 

I think it is an extremely cute, small women`s bag :) What do you think?))

And the hat, of course :) we don`t want to have a sunstroke! But the hat is big, cute, light and beautiful))
It goes in several colours. Just check it out.

Just a really small addition to your shiny look:

Not heavy, very nice and girlish. Ideal for summer!

And that is the finished look! Do you like it?
Have a good summer!

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