Friday, June 14, 2013

Look of the week: hello, swimsuit!

Good day everyone. Today I want to present you a really summer look of the week: with a swimsuit! Hope you will like this style! 
Lets begin!

1) The first one is a two-piece swimsuit. It is a real retro! The style is 50`s, really glamourous! The most important thing about this suimsuit is the bottom halg, it has a hight waist and, as you can guess, it can hide a lot :) Nobody`s perfect! :)

Here is the link:

2) And another one, one-piece swimsuit. Extremely cute, with cherries :)

Will suit perfectly on those, who have a big breast. And sich a top can visually make your arms look slimmer, if you have troubles with that.
Here is the link:

I found one pair of shoes that suits to both swimsuits. It is really comfortable and cute. And for the summer :)

I think they are really pretty :) If I had had an oportunity, I would buy them immediately :)

Classic retro shape! Suits perfectly to both swimsuits! What do you think?

But I should warn you that this shape is tricky, If you have something like a square or a round shape of your head, then you have more chances that such shape is OK for you.
Here is the link:

Hope you liked this summer outfits!
Have a nice and shiny day!

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