Monday, July 1, 2013

Photo-report on my vacation: Altai republic

Hello everyone! At last I`m at home! I`m very glad to be here and to see that you didn`t forget about me!
And today I want to share with you some photos on my vacation and to show the beauty of the nature! It is not connected with pin-up style, sorry for that, but it is connected with the beautiful things! So, Let`s begin! (P.S. All the photos are made by me)

Altai republic is a federal subject of Russia. Its capital is the town of Gorno-Altaysk. The most striking thing is this region is its mountainous terrain. The Republic is situated within the Russian part of the Altai Mountains system, which covers a large part of the Republic and continues into neighboring Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. That is why almost the whole territory of the republic is in mountains. 

I stayed in Manjerok, it is a small city near Gorno-Altaysk. The air here is incredibly clean and fresh, the 
mountains are not that high but beautiful. But sometimes, when the weather is rainy, clouds can "fall" on mountains like that:

Here I had an opportunity to climb up the mountain on the elevator. The view was incredible:

I also visited a private Botanical garden up in tvere behe mountains. Again, the view, the place itself were beautiful. The owner of this botanical garden was an old woman, and she told a lot of things about different flowers.She even managed to cultivate different varieties of the poppy. 

And this garden was decorated with very interesting and unusual things. The owner told me that she is travelling around the world and collecting different thing to decorate her garden.

I was on vacation with the whole family: with my parents, my boyfriend and my dog. Here we are:

And here are some more photos of Altai:

Hope you liked this post! 
Comment if you want to see continuation!
Have a nice day!

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