Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Winter Norwegian Nail-Art Tutorial!

Hello, my dear Friends! Today I want to show you the way to prepare to your winter holidays!
This nail-style is not that retro, but it gives you a nice feeling of warm and comfort in these cold days!

Hope you`ll like it!

Let`s start!

We will need:
3 nail polishers: 2 with color and 1 base; a brush (the thinner the better(I use, by the way, a usual brush for oils, not a special one for the nails)); a pen; some paper.
I decided to use the combination of red a white, red as a base color and white an additional one. But you can do vice a versa or even use some other colors!

Step 1: Cover your nails with a base nail polish, let it dry.

Step 2: (Its not obligatory, but I reccomend you to make it, in order your nails to look neat)
Draw an ornament that you want to see on your nails. It`s better to choose something simple. As you can see, I`ve decided to draw a Norwegian ornament here, but in a very simple form.

ADVICE: If you want your nails to look nice and balanced, try to combine "big" elements with "small" ones. Let me explain what I mean: As you can see, I`ve combinated a deer with two simple ornaments in order to highlight the deer. On your thumb its better to use some big elements too, because this finger stands out, so to say.

Step 3
Cover your nail with a base color. Let it dry. I use the color called "Red Obsession" by Rimmel. Looks good :)

Step 4
Begin to draw ornaments on your nail. The hardest part here is to place an ornament in a right place. As you can see, my star is slightly displaced :( But you can always remove a nail polish and redo everything! 

ADVICE: Firstly, try to make small dotes on your nail where an ornament would be placed. These small dots can serve as a guidelines when you will draw an ornament.

Step by step, draw the star.

Step 5
Draw an upper and a lower line firstly. I just made it drawing small dots ina zig zag way.

 Then draw a center ornament

Step 6
A nice deer ^_^ Draw the head, then draw the rest. Be careful, especially with the legs. dont make them too straight, create an illusion as if he is walking. If you want, draw several snowflakes.

Step 7
Very simple thing to do: draw upper and lower line (you can draw two straight lines first, and then add some dots as you can see here) and then draw a center ornament.

Step 8
Draw a fur tree. My pinky is quite small, that is why there is no difference what I draw on it, it always looks messy ^_^ Draw several triangulars and that's it!

Then I suddenly decided to add some snowflakes on my thumb ^_^

Final Step
Cover your nails with a base nail polish to protect your nails

And here is the final look! Hope you like it!
I think it looks quite good and you can wear such nails with a very warm winter sweater ^_^

Merry and Warm Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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