Friday, May 31, 2013

How to make a shiny face like a pin-up girl has? Here is the tip!

Hello everyone! Today I`m going to show you the secret on how to create a really healthy, shiny look like a pin-up girl has.  

As you can see, her skin is glowing, and to get such a result, you will need just 3 foundations of different colours: the same colour as your skin, one that is much lighter, one that is much darker. And now, here is the secret:

Firstly, you should apply the lighter foundation on the zone under your eyes, a little bit higher on your cheekbones, on your chin and a litthe bit highter your jaw line + don`t forget about the area near your nostrils Here is the scheme:

Then, apply the darker foundation on the area of your cheekbone (you can also add here a bit blush), on your  tempels, on the jaw line, a little bit on the forehead and jy your nose. How to correct your nose shape using darker colour, you can find here, on my blog: Here is the scheme:

Looks ugly, I know. But now we will change everything! Just take the foundation that matches your natural skin colour, take a big brush (kabuki, for example) and put some foundation on the brush. Then begin to blend everything together. Just blend, mixing 3 tones together. But don`t be to harsh and strong: you want to save the contours that you`ve created. Here is the result:

Now your face is glowing! It`s healthy and shiny, and that is the result that we were going to achieve. Your face should have an additional dimention, and this type of contouring and highlighting is absolutely perfect for such purposes. 

Hope you liked it! If you have any questions, comments, do not hesitate to ask!
Good luck!

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