Monday, May 27, 2013

Retro hairstyle: Part 1

Hello, everyone! Finally, I decided to write something about the hairstyle of that period. Let`s begin!
The main thing is that women used to have wavy and curly hair. It was even impolite to be in public when you have straight hait. That is why a lot of types of hair rollers existed. But the types of the hairstyle in 20, 30 were different.
For 20-th it was more typical to have small curls and short hair. The style of the "finger waves" was extremely popular:
I think it was clear how such type of the hairstyle was made: you just applied some gel on your wet hair, and using the bobbypins you just "held" the waves until they were dry. The man thing there was to pin everything right, in order it to stay longer. And here is a video on how to create it:

In the late 20-th, the beginning of the 30-th there was an another trand. A lot of popular hairstyles were created: victory roll, faux bangs, just curly hair, a lot of other things. 

We know this hairstyle, and it seems to be rather complicated, but, frankly speaking, the only thing you need is patience. The firs thing to do is decide, what size of the victory roll do you want to have, If you have quite a small forehead, dont be afraid and make big rolls. If your forehead is big, then make small rolls. Firstly, you should curl your hair, it will make your work much easier. Then devide your hair into several parts to work with. And then tale one part of your hair and gently comb your hair in order to combine all the curls. Then teese the roots of your hair (if you want to make a big roll), it will keep the volume and the shape. Take your hair and begin to curl them into the roll. Watch its size. Hold it with the bobbypin. Fix it with the hairspray and you are done! Here you can see the video where everything is shown in details:
Faux bang:
Very famous hairstyle. Here is a tutorial:

Lets remember the style of the "Old hollywood"!
That is my favourite hairstyle, frankly speaking. Big curls, long hair! The style is rather simple. The main thing here - is just to make proper curls. You should make this hairstyle on a little bit dirty hair (don`t wash your hair about a day). Then cucr it using a curl iron. Make sure that your curls are not hot anymore, spray it and try to comb it with your fingers. And only then use your big comb! Try to comb it from your roots to your ends. It is very easy! You can see it here:
Part 1:
Part 2:
And that is all! Wait for the part 2!
Good luck!

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