Friday, December 20, 2013

Beauty Standards: What I Think About it

Hello, my Dear Friends!

It`s been a while since I`ve posted something here. But I think it`s a high time now to come back and discuss a lot of new things with you.

As you may guess, my blog is dedicated to my favourite pin-up style, but not only. I began to study all the percularities of this style trying to understand and discover another issue that worries me: the ideal of beauty. For a long time the beauty standard for me was pin-up style. And even now I admire all the pin-up models and clothes, make-up and so on. But the thing that catches me the most in this style is its feminine nature. I think that you agree with  me that nowadays, when you can hardly tell a boy from a girl, its a very important feature.But what is "femininity", what is "beauty"? Is it express in style or a make up?

I haven`t got answers on these questions. Because, from the one hand, a particular style can define some particular features, like red lips are assotiated with sexuality, blue eyes with innocence, blond hair with femininity. But is that all? I mean, that if you dress one girl in the sexies dress you find, bleach her hair, do the best make-up ever, she will look just awful; But, at the same time, you can dress a girl in a...sack, I don`t know, and she will look gorgeous! Where is that borderline that defines what is beautiful and what is not?

Have you got an answer? Write everything you think in the comments below. I really want to see what you think about it, and whether you defined what is beauty for you.

Have a nice day!

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